Peak Performance
Peak Performance occurs when you achieve the best result given your abilities and characteristics; they correspond to the perception of satisfaction, concentration, and self-confidence.
Training with Set My Brain improves clarity and concentration when one needs taking quick, effective decisions under stressful or pressing conditions.
In these conditions, the first answer is often by gut feel. This happens when asked to deliver a report “by yesterday”, to respect challenging deadlines, to manage complex team dynamics, or to meet effectively internal or external requests, unplanned and unplannable.
Mental Acuity and Concentration
Resilience is one’s ability to re-start after a setback stronger than before and to re-organize one’s life even among difficulties. It is a great resource for executives, pro athletes, pilots, and managers, both in professional and private life.
Set my Brain has been designed to improve and make persistent your attention and concentration and to have more controlled and effective, responses to challenging events.
Continuous & persistent improvement
The measureable improvement above an initial baseline ranges around 10-25%, depending the relevant waves/mental statuses (e.g. attention, resilience, concentration).
The benefits you get from the training sessions are persistent. You can decide to start a new training program in order to achieve higher goals.