What is Set My Brain
Set My Brain is a hardware and software bundle solution for your Mental Training and Peak Performance improvements.
At the end of your individual, game based, autonomous training path you can easily verify how your Peak performance has improved. A typical training path consists of 10 to 15 sessions, each 15 minutes long, over a few weeks.

Easy to use
Training sessions are designed with a totally innovative approach: you wear a light headset and enjoy playing a video game while Set My Brain trains your brain.

The Headset
Our headset reads the brain signals using a sensor. While you play a game, your brain waves are analyzed by our software. Set My Brain relates them to the target objectives and modifies accordingly some video game parameters (like the speed of the main character).
Our headset is not a medical equipment and does not send any electrical stimulus; it collects and measures the signals of your brain.

How it works
The wave signals coming from the brain are elaborated by our software and change the video games context. Our brain understands these changes and autonomously adapts its actions to work better, without any perceived effort and in a persistent way.
It’s a simple mechanism which alters the game parameters to achieve a training goal in relation to the starting point and to the progress achieved so far. The mechanism is based on the most recent neurofeedback advances, which are delivered through entertaining famous retro videogames.

Why retrogames
Set My Brain uses games that belong to the hall of fame of videogames. In the last quarter century, millions of people have played at least once with games like Pac-man©, Galaga©, Asteroids©. The main characters of these games are known worldwide, and the success of these simple games has few and simple ingredients: a ‘normal’ layout with few colors to focus on the game, few rules for quick learning, a growing difficulty that is both challenging and manageable. Such a design keeps the public in love with them and is the key of their popularity.
Set My Brain uses some of these games for its Mental Training paths. People of any age enjoy playing these games and we made them an innovative solution to enhance one’s own mental performances while playing. The core of Set My Brain is not the game by itself but the rules used to change the game’s parameters; these rules are in our algorithms and they are related to the specific training objectives.